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How to import tasks in Todoist

Hi! Today I'd like to tell you how to make it easier to switch from another to-do app. When I decided to switch I had literally a dozen of projects and hundreds of tasks in my old app which I of course didn't want to loose. Even though Todoist doesn't offer any transfer solution, it has a cool feature to create project templates. Which I'll show you how to use to import tasks into Todoist project. Let's talk about some limitations first: 1) You can import one project at a time. 2) If for a some reason you decide to import completed tasks those won't be marked as completed in Todoist. So without further ado let's go ahead and start the migration to Todoist. First of all create a test project and a test task in it. Then click a "Task actions" button and select "Export as a template (CSV)" as shown on a picture below. There is  an official video  of how to use export/import feature.  You'll see a popup where "Expor